About Spitfire™

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Out of the Flames: The Story of Spitfire™ Vintage Tortoiseshell Pickguards

The most accurate reproduction vintage tortoiseshell pickguards available for Jazzmaster, Jaguar, Stratocaster, and many other guitars

My eyes were drawn to its fiery form, the appearance of glowing liquid lava captured in a solid state with a depth that invited my eyes to explore every contour of the frozen flames. The deep crimson contrasted with the brightly burning oranges and yellows, entrancing me.

For the first time, as an impressionable teen, I experienced the striking red tortoiseshell pickguard of a 1960s Fender Jaguar.

Like the hypnotic effect of dancing flames, it held my gaze and hasn’t released me. I had never seen such stunning material. It so powerfully resonated with me at the time that I admitted to myself, “This is the most beautiful material in the world, even more beautiful than gold.”


That discovery led me on a search to find a modern pickguard with the same captivating craftsmanship—a search that led to dead end after dead end. I couldn’t find a single pickguard available today that resembled the quality of the original from the 60s. I realized that if I wanted to possess this art ablaze, I had to harness the elusive flames myself.

So I began researching how I could resurrect the exotic fiery relic. My determination began a years-long exploration. I never had a taste for chemistry in school, but passion drove me. I searched for the perfect compounds—some highly toxic. I experimented with admixtures, I tested materials, and sometimes at my own peril: blisters, blood and chemical burns challenged my resolve. But I should have known that when I attempted to tame the inferno it would bite. So I shifted tactics and continued my endeavor with greater respect for my newfound craft.

Then it happened: after many years, like a billowing explosion captured and frozen in time, Spitfire Vintage Tortoiseshell pickguards was born.


  • Handcrafted to fit many of the most popular guitars so that you can own a Spitfire
  • Designed to your requested specifications so that your Spitfire is uniquely yours
  • Composed of durable, high-quality material so you can enjoy it for decades to come
  • Imbued with a 3-D, fiery, soft, swirly, magmatic appearance that you and others will admire
  • Constructed to resist fading, cracking, yellowing and shrinking (common to the 60s guards) so you can proudly display your Spitfire years from now
  • Available in various colors, such as Vintage Burgundy™, Vintage Bright Red™, Vintage Dark™, and Faded Orange™ to complement your guitar and personal style.
  • I give you the creative say to create your personal guard to your taste with four unique options such as Subtle 60s™, Speckled 60s™, Crazy 60s™, and my unique Solar Flare™.  Its your dream, so what will you come up with next?


I developed my very own (safe) process and high-quality material. With my Spitfire process, I can replicate the matchless appearance of the 60’s original that has long been missing in modern tortoiseshell pickguards—and yet Spitfire possesses its own unique and alluring quality that, in some ways, surpasses the beauty and intensity of its forebear. I craft each tortoiseshell pickguard by hand, so, like your fingerprint, your Spitfire pickguard is unlike any other Spitfire pickguard—a one-of-a-kind masterpiece.

With Spitfire Vintage Tortoiseshell Pickuards, you not only get your dream pickguard but get to be involved in its creation. I keep you updated and design your pickguard to your personal taste.

I take pride in every pickguard I fashion, approaching each as an individual work of art. I pour my heart and soul into each Spitfire pickguard, treating every guard as if it were my own.

Then, like a gift out of time, your Spitfire Tortoiseshell pickguard—a one-and-only work of art that you once could have only dreamed of owning—will arrive to add dynamism and a custom appearance that no other guitar will ever match.


I thank God for this vision, wisdom, this journey and, most of all, this job that I love. I believe my Lord Jesus directly guides these inspirations in my life. I completely give Jesus the credit for this opportunity to work hard with my hands and to bring joy to you with what I do.

I also want to tell you about God’s free gift of grace through Jesus Christ and His salvation from the hardships and struggles in this world. It doesn’t mean we won’t still face difficulties, but with Jesus, the is always hope and we have someone to turn to for restoration of our strength, joy, and peace in the hardest of times. This is the beauty that I have found in Christ Jesus but absent in everything else.

JOHN 3:16

“For God so loved ALL the people in the world that He gave His only true Son Jesus, (as a sacrifice, dying for us) that whoever believes in Him will not spiritually die, but will live for eternity in heaven (after our life here on earth)” (adapted and expanded by me).

Yep, it’s really that easy. It’s not how good we are; it’s faith in Jesus. Jesus will change you from the inside out. I give my credit, talents, wisdom and knowledge of making these pickguards all to God and my Lord Jesus Christ for making this possible. If you would like to know more or to talk about salvation through Christ, please feel free to contact me.

Spitfire-New-Beveled-for-Screenprint-8.261 White version