Please feel free to contact us and we will get back to you at our earliest convenience.

For prices, all NEW guards are $200 unless otherwise noted and all relic guards are $230 unless otherwise noted.  This does not include shipping.  I use USPS Priority and ship world wide.  Shipping within the USA is usually around $13 and shipping internationally is usually around $45-50.  Shipping comes fully insured with tracking to your door.  Thank you.

10 Frequently Asked Questions

1.  Do you supply sheets so I can cut the pickguard myself?
We do not.  We try to keep all work in house to assure a perfect pickguard for you upon arrival.  Tortoiseshell material can sometimes be brittle and hard to cut and we can’t insure or warranty any cutting or sheet mishaps on your end.  Doing it this way allows us to insure shipping as well as any manufacture defects.  All warranties are void when making any custom changes yourself.

2.  Can you leave things uncut such as a bridge pickup hole, screw holes, or something else that I would like to cut myself or leave off?
Yes, since we have the basic shape and bevel we are willing to leave things in the middle including screw holes uncut, but cut at your own risk.  We can’t and do not warranty cracks, chips, shatters, or scratches if you choose to cut yourself.  These forms of damage have never happened to previous customers, but we are just being cautious since we know the danger that can go into cutting without the best correct tools.  This has been proven to go very smoothly and work very well for a large number of customers that want some form of custom arrangement on their pickguard that we don’t currently offer.

3.  Do you make custom pickguard shapes?
Yes and no.  We can make just about any shape IF you send us a cutting template.  We do not make templates here, so you must provide an acrylic or MDF wood 1/4″ template of your desired shape.  This is at your own expense.  See below for questions on sending your original guard.

4.  Can I send my original pickguard to you to cut from?
No.  Your original pickguard is too thin to be used as a cutting template/jig.  Plus there is a lot of risk of your original guard being damaged and we don’t take that risk.  We also don’t make templates here, so you can either send us one or we can use our outsourced template guy to have one made at your own expense.  We offer all the common pickguard options that sell and we cannot afford to be buying and making templates that will only be used one time.

5.  Can you make bulk orders and be our supplier?
We would love to be your supplier and are currently the supplier for many companies, but we are very small and cannot do large bulk orders as a supplier.  Each guard is hand crafted by me at this point and we don’t have the man power or resources to achieve large orders as well as our steady consistent work flow.  We do work with many larger companies around the world, but have arranged small quantities per month.  If this works for you, we can discuss details.

6.  Can you offer me a discount or dealer prices?
We might be able to work something out, but since we are not a dealer and do not have an assembly line, this is very difficult for us to do to make our monthly quota.  At this point, we would rather continue to take on full paying orders instead of putting them on hold to do the same amount of work for less income.  We have been known to help out on some occasions and willing to discuss, but we can’t do much and can’t match the normal dealer price point or larger businesses.

7.  Can I make a specific request for specific pattern or color?
Yes, we are always happy to try to accommodate your special request for specific patterns, details, or color, but we cannot achieve 100% of anything.  There is a lot of factors that we don’t have control over in the making process, but in the past this has gone very well and we can get somewhat close to what you are asking for.  For example, if a customer doesn’t want any yellow spots on his guard, this would be very doable.  Or if they wanted a mix between some of our options, or an in between color, then this is also very achievable.  Just keep in mind we cannot replicate or achieve any specific request 100% and we require a large level of artistic licensing since tortoiseshell making is so random and uncontrollable.

8.  Do you ever have damaged, scratched, or imperfect guards that you can offer at a lower price?
This is so rare to where I would say no, but if there is a guard left over, extra, and without an owner, it will pretty much always be in perfect condition and ready for sale on my website, our facebook page, ebay, or many other sites at normal price.

9.  What is the turnaround time frame for the process?
From the time you place your order on my website there is usually about a two week waiting period on hold before I can begin on your pickguard.  Your order is merely a place holder at first and we do not charge you until we start working on your material.  When we are ready to begin we send you an invoice through paypal.  After we have received payment through Paypal, we can begin the making process right away.  We have mastered the craft so that we can make your material, laminate, cut, polish, and relic if applicable, in about 1 week.

10.  (International orders) Can you mark my shipping or paypal as a gift or lower the amount to save me on customs fees/taxes?
Absolutely not!  I am in good standing with my government, Paypal, post office, and all that apply and any forgery is highly illegal and all responsibility of this action falls on me.  When caught, I will be forced to pay fines, penalties, your custom fee, forced to shut down my business, and even do jail time.  Sorry, this is not even close to worth it.  I feel for you though and understand, but please be prepared to pay your local customs fees on all international orders.  Customs fees are entirely between you and your government and have nothing to do with my business or government.

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