For me to begin making your material and pickguard, I must receive full payment in advance/upfront and there will be a $50 non-refundable deposit per pickguard included into the original price.  This is immediately spent on materials used to get started.  If you change your mind at any point BEFORE I ship your pickguard, but I have already started, I will refund your money minus the $50 non refundable deposit that has already been spent.  If I have already shipped your guard and you change your mind after its in the mail or upon arrival to you, ALL SALES WILL BE FINAL and no refund can or will be given unless there is a manufacture defect.  See Manufacture defect warranty section below.  Customer is responsible for all shipping charges and is none refundable.  So absolutely please make sure your guitar will fit my pickguards and absolutely make sure you like my products before you buy.  I will be more than happy to send you many pictures and talk with you to help you find what works best for your individual needs.  By submitting an order to me and paying the invoice that I send you through paypal, you here by agree to all these terms and conditions.


If there is a manufacture defect (which means I am totally responsible for, or a mistake that I have made with your order), upon arrival to you, you will have 5 days to get in touch with me to work out details for the return process.  The guard must still be in original condition with defect unaltered.  If there are any signs of vandalism, abuse, or damage done by you to the guard, the return policy will be immediately void.  This will be determined by me when it arrives back to me.  Note, all relic aged pickgaurds will have scratches, warn surface, dents, dings, and blemishes and no relic/aged guards will be covered under the manufacture defect warranty for aesthetic reasons.  Manufacture defects include: broken from manufacturing process, my clear mistake on color or style you chose, and/or holes cut improperly or forgotten.  If any of these manufacture defects apply, we can begin the warranty process.  You will send me back the defective guard and I will start making you a new one free of charge.  After I have received back the first defective guard, I will ship out your new one.  These manufacture defects are applied ONLY IF, the defect was my fault determined by me.  Any other issue will not be under the manufacture defect warranty.  No money back refunds will be given, only a replacement guard for the manufacture defect warranty.  A manufacture defect does not include if the guard was cut properly, but doesn’t fit on your specific model.  A manufacture defect also does not include you changing your mind or not liking it when it arrives to you in person.  These issues needs to be analyzed and discussed thoroughly before you purchase your pickguard.  My warranty does not cover artistic aesthetic appearance if the pattern or color is slightly lighter, darker, too much spots, too much yellow, etc.  Every guard is individually hand crafted and each guard is different from one to another.  I cannot 100% replicate one guard to the next and all visual colors and styles are not covered as a manufacture defect or under a full warranty.


If the pickguard is broken, cracked, or damaged upon arrival to your address “from shipping,” then I will file a claim through the post office for you, (IF you purchased insurance through the shipping) (Which by default I include the fully covered insurance option unless specifically noted).  We will need to assist each other in file this claim.  I will need images, and proof to fight the case.  If and when we win the insurance claim process, you will send me back the broken original pickguard and I will make you a new guard equal to your original order and pay to have your new guard shipped to you at no cost.  Keep in mind, your new guard will look different (I cannot 100% replicate any guard), but will still come with the same options you originally chose.  If the insurance case is not approved, we can appeal and try a second time.  Proving the damage was caused by shipping is very crucial and important to win the case.  If we are still not approved, there is nothing else I can do at that point and you must work with the post office on your own from then on.   

By default I use USPS Priority and Express mail to give you the best shipping rates with fully covered insurance, insuring the entire price of the pickguard, (Insurance does not cover the cost of shipping on most cases).  Be advised, to insure packages shipped from USA to UK, I have to ship USPS Priority Express Mail.  If any customer decides to go First Class which is also available and is a much cheaper option in some cases, there will be NO tracking and NO insurance covering your pickguard and you will be fully liable and responsible for any loss, stolen, or damage to your pickguard.  Shipping within the USA usually takes about 3-4 business days and about 2 weeks internationally world wide.   All shipments ship from, California USA.  Shipping plus handling are included in your Paypal invoice grand total during checkout.

***SHIPPING AS A GIFT OR LOWER VALUE ON A CUSTOMS FORM DISCLAIMER*** (For all customers outside the USA):  I fully understand taxes can be quite high sometimes depending on your country.  I make no profit from this and it is fully between you and your country’s government.   Please be prepared to pay for customs fees and taxes upon arrival.  Please do not ask me to ship the pickguard as a gift or a lower value to save you from paying customs fees and taxes for your pickguard.  This is highly illegal and sorry, but I will not do it.  I could lose my business, pay substantial fines, do jail time, and possibly be responsible for paying back all the taxes that weren’t paid on your behalf.  This is called tax invasion or shipping fraud and is highly illegal.

Government statement on shipping and tax fraud: “Any person who knowingly submits false or misleading export information through the Shippers Export Declaration (SED) (or any successor document) shall be subject to a fine not to exceed $10,000 per violation or imprisonment for no more than 5 years, or both. Source: U.S. Code: Title 13 : Section 305 http://digbig.com/4fqcw.  The sender’s failure to complete the form properly can delay delivery of the item or inconvenience the sender and addressee. Moreover, a false, misleading, or incomplete declaration can result in the seizure or return of the item and/or in criminal or civil penalties. Source: http://pe.usps.gov/text/Imm/immc1_002.html.”


Be advised that with all aftermarket pickguards, there are chances of some areas being slightly off. A tiny bit of filing or sanding the pickguard for a perfect fit on your personal guitar might be required although this has proven to be very rare.  Any fitting issues are not covered under warranty and no refund will be given.  My guards generally fit perfectly in most cases, but this is your responsibility to make sure before you buy.  My material is similar to Fenders and can be very brittle, so be extremely careful when filing or cutting. Any filing or altering will be at your expense and will also instantly void any return policy.

Spitfire pickguards are completely hand crafted in the USA from beginning to end.  Each pickguard is classified as a piece of art, since I put hours into the design and detail all by hand.  Some minor imperfections come with the art-form to make it truly unique.  You are hiring me as an artist to artistically create artwork for you.  If you are looking for a long list of specific requests, exact details, and require 100% of what you are looking for, then I am not the company for you.  This art-form requires some artistic licensing and each pickguard is uniquely its own and always will be different from another.  I have examples on my order page that I can get about 75% close to re-creating, but will still be slightly different in style and color.  I cannot and will not be held responsible to 100% replicate any other guard since all pickguards are different and uniquely made.  There will possibly be some tiny minor imperfections which truly make tortoiseshell what it really is and unique from one to another.  On some cases I have been able to get about 80% accurate to a picture or copying another pickguard, but I do not guarantee this.  All pickguards are different, will all have slightly different patters, colors, spots, shapes, and most of the time this is left to the chemical reactions, the natural process that takes effect, and my artistic touches.  Through a lot of time and effort I have learned the secrets to being able to control some aspects of the process, but this is where I require artistic licensing and freedom.  It is my goal to get as close as possible to what you are looking for, but it will be unique from anything you have seen before.  I strive to recreate the 1960’s vibe on your guitar and that is my goal.

Thank you for your interest in Spitfire Vintage Tortoiseshell Pickguards.  Please contact me if you have any questions.

Spitfire-New-Beveled-for-Screenprint-8.261 White version