This is where you can leave comments, talk about your custom Spitfire pickguard, or just anything you want related to tortoiseshell.



    1. Hi Mark!

      It’s good to see you finally did it! Please receive all my best wiches from France and hope that you’ll can make me a Fender jazz bass pickuard one day;-)! I’m still very interested…


      1. I haven’t forgotten about you and I am still trying. Thanks for stopping by. I really wish I had everything set up to meet your Jazz bass needs. Hopefully soon my friend

  1. Hey guys, I have a question. Now that I have perfected the art and color of the vintage Fender tortoise shell pickguards, would you guys be interested in other colors such as, Blue tort, green tort, or even marble black and white?

  2. Hey guys, if I were to do a CIJ JM and a PBass line, who would be 100% committed to buying one for $145? I know I have had many requests for CIJ’s and I have had to turn you away :fp: , but now here is your chance to speak up.

  3. Hey guys, I just made a brand new Stratocaster Solar Flare tortoiseshell pickguard. Its blank right now just in case if you wanted to do something different with the cuts and pickups. Email me if you want it. Its this one.

  4. I don’t see an option for 8-hole/57 style strat pickguards – is that something you can do or might offer in the future?

    1. I dont have that pattern, but if you make me a tracing of the hole pattern that is doable and I can do that for you. You can send me an email through the contact section and I can reply and you can send me the tracing.

  5. Hi Mark,
    I just found your website! Man thats so great i´m really amazed. WOW, half a year ago i had to sadly give up trying to get a Jazz Bass PG from you and now i find it in your order form!! How cool is that! And they all look so good… I´ll order one soon – all the best.

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