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NEW, GET YOUR SPITFIRE STICKERS DURING CHECK OUT!!!  Please help us spread the word.  Stickers are of highest quality with clear edges, vinyl waterproof material, strong sticky back, and measure (7.5″ x 3.28″). Perfect size for your guitar, guitar case, car, or anywhere to show your support.  Thank you.  



To order, there are 4 categories below to choose from.  Choose a COLOR, a STYLE, NEW or AGED RELIC look, and finally your choice of guitar pickguard shape.  After you are sure of what you are looking for, scroll to the bottom of the page to place your order in the order form.  Spitfire now does vintage aged/relic mint 3-ply guards.  All Spitfire guards pictured are only intended to be general examples of what I can get close to and your guard will vary in color, style, and pattern from the pictures shown.   I cannot replicate these exact pictures since all tortoiseshell is one of a kind and uniquely its own.  Have fun!  I will always respond to your order through email within 2 or 3 days.  If you have not heard from me within that time frame, please email me at SpitfireVintageTortoiseshell@gmail.com.  I always make it a priority to have the best communication, but sometimes emails don’t go through and can get filtered as spam and I want to make sure that never happens to you.  Thank you. 

Each guard will be hand crafted with the finest materials replicating the closest look, feel, and thickness of the vintage 60s pickguards.  For all tortoiseshell pickguards we use the authentic vintage “thin black line” material, just as it was in the 60s.  Spitfire guards are now the most authentic 60s recreated pickguards in the world!

IMG_0745 (2)Spitfire Vintage Tortoiseshell Pickguards 60's thinline PBassSpitfire Vintage Tortoiseshell Pickguards 60's thinline JazzmasterSpitfire Vintage Tortoiseshell Pickguards 60's thinline 1



For one-off custom made rare or irregular shape pickguards, we do accept your requests, but there is a materials, labor, and tooling fee of $75 for us to make an exact stamp replica laser cut template/jig from your tracing or pickguard for us to cut with.  We will send you back your original pickguard along with your new custom Spitfire pickguard, but we do not sell or give out our cutting jig/template tools.  These are marked up with our personal notes, used, and sometimes destroyed in the process.  You are paying for our skills, time, machinery, materials, and resources, not buying a template from us.  Also, sending your original pickguard for us to cut with will not work, because they are too thin.  We must use a 1/4″ expertly laser cut acrylic cutting jig/template to make this work.  Feel free to contact me to discuss this further.



1. Vintage Burgundy™:   photo (21) vd4gJM-SPITFIRE_zps6828c35d

2. Vintage Bright Red™:  IMAG2110 jm 1938069_10152242256596322_877266213_n

3. Vintage Dark™:   9555636504_4622dc138d_zSpitfire tortoiseshell2 6QOBlVz

4. Vintage Faded Orange™: IMAG4579IMG_3249EDaniel Phelps Spitfire Tortoiseshell Faded Orange

5. Vintage Mint  (New or Relic):


6. White or Aged White (New or Relic)




A. Subtle 60s™ (little to no yellow spots, very uniform, and vintage smooth.):  IMAG3290 P1030414 photo 2 (6)

B. Speckled 60s™ (Most common with a nice blend of dark, light, and yellow pattern randomly placed):  IMAG2100 IMAG1922m40y Spitfire Tortoiseshell closeup Speckled 60's Bright Red

C. Crazy 60s™ (Randomly placed, larger, dramatic, fiery yellow patches, beautifully unique):  IMAG2549 Spitfire Tortoiseshell pickguard   Spitfire Tortoiseshell pickguardcimg1398spitfire-vintage-tortoiseshell-pickguard

D. Solar Flare™ (Huge flames shooting across the guard taking up the majority of the guard.  These are the most unique, rare, dramatic, beautifully wild tortoiseshell guards):

k0pi2dz Spitfire Tortoiseshell pickguard Spitfire Tortoiseshell pickguard Spitfire Tortoiseshell pickguard20170220_205323_fx




NEW: (Brand new with a perfect shiny mint condition surface and bright white outlined bevel):

IMAG3515 IMAG3512 Spitfire Vintage Faded Orange Tortoiseshell NEW IMAG6133

AGED/RELIC: (This is a worn, used, aged vintage 60s look to replicate the wear of an early 60’s guard today.

Spitfire Tortoiseshell Vintage bright red light relicIMG_0933 Relic aged Vintage Red Spitfire Tortoiseshell Pickguard PBass1 IMAG4316 IMAG7084 IMAG7033Heavy Relic Spitfire Tortoiseshell pickguard (2) Heavy Relic Spitfire Tortoiseshell pickguardIMAG2888

My options are:

Extra Light: (Vintage closet case keeper): Very good condition 60s guard that has only worn from the elements; air, sun, oils from hand, and time. Lightly played, but almost mint condition and shiny with a lightly aged off white bevel.  This style has very light surface imperfections resemble surface shrinkage and minor scratches all coated under a beautifully wet candy like shine.

Extra Light Relic1 20160606_233314_fx IMAG0970 IMAG2815.

Light: Used, but well taken care of. Slightly more hazing surface but still has a gloss shine.  Slightly warn surface with only minor pic and knob wear. Lightly aged off white/cream bevel.

Light Relic1 Light Relic2 Light Relic3IMAG2819.

Medium: Played without concern, but loved. Still shiny under bridge and under strings, but worn in the common played areas to a dull finish from lots of love. Medium aged cream/yellowish bevel with some outer perimeter imperfections.


Heavy: Constantly played, used and abused.  Lost all shine and reflection to a now dull surface and definitely worn in all areas, scratched, and dinged up.  A lot of history and years comes with this guard. Heavy aged yellow/dirty bevel. Slightly warn areas on beveled outer perimeter.

Heavy Relic1 Heavy Relic2 Heavy Relic3.


RELIC Warping Option:

This is designed to give you the absolute most authentic experience.  Every vintage 60s pickguard we have come across has some level of surface warping.  This gives such a cool look that can only be found on a vintage originals, until now.  The surface will be slightly wavy, some areas indented from screw pressure, and stress from what appears to be a vintage shrinking pickguard.  Even though this gives the appearance of shrinkage, your guard is still 100% to scale.  With the warping, be aware that the fit might be a little more snug and a little more pressure may need to be applied to put into place properly due to the non level surface.  

IMAG1880IMAG1918IMAG2181IMAG218420160618_201214_fx 20160618_201232_fx IMAG5711IMG_7514IMG_3268E


AGED BEVEL OPTION (For New Pickguards ONLY):

This option is for those who love that new glass-like shine on your tortoiseshell pickguard, but want the bevel an off white/cream aged vintage look.  I personally recommend it especially for Jaguar and Jazzmaster guitars since Fender’s pickups are usually an off-white.  I have this for my personal AV65 Jaguar and I love it.   (The last pic of the Fender Bass VI has a new white bevel to show you the difference.)

20170205_203632_fx 20170212_224442_fx 20170220_205227_fx 20160718_001757_fx



All NEW Tortoiseshell guards are $215 (unless specifically noted) + shipping & handling

All RELIC Tortoiseshell guards are $245 (unless specifically noted) + shipping & handling

All mint guards are $85 + shipping & handling.  (Add $30 for relic.)

All white/Aged white guards are $65 + shipping & handling.  (Add $30 for relic.)

For international customers outside of the USA, please be prepared to pay your customs fees/taxes when your package arrives.  This will be calculated by your government’s tax laws based on the total value of the pickguard.  We cannot forge a lower amount.  Please see disclaimer under the shipping section for more details. 

Once you place your order there is about a 2 week waiting period.  You will not be charged until I can begin working on your material.  When I am able to work on your material, I will notify you and send you an invoice through Paypal (Payment must be paid in full before I can start working).  Turnaround time for me to complete your order is usually a little over a week if not sooner, but no guarantees.  Shipping rates vary depending on your location.  I ship world wide from California, USA using USPS mail.  Thank you for your order.

Be advised, my pickguards can sometimes be a hair or two slightly different from a Fender reissue pickguard.  Also, Custom Shop, Masterbuilt, and any other 3rd party pickguard manufacture, especially All Parts, all have their own variation of the pickguard.  Those companies and many others WILL NOT fit the Fender American made templates that I use.  If you have one of these instruments in question, please ask about the fit and I would be happy to supply you with a tracing.  Any and All fitting issues are 100% the customers responsibility and I cannot warranty any fitting issues.  Also, be advised that my Precision bass pickguards will have an ever so slightly enlarged pickup hole to accommodate all styles.  This is done purposely to fit for all models.  There will be a slight subtle gap between the pickup and pickguard; some more so than others depending on your model.

DSCN1524_zpsh9glupqo14577667081_7b8b294245_o  PB PU



**After you submit your order, there will not be a receipt or confirmation, you will only see that your order was sent and the details that you submitted**  I will always respond to your order through email within 2 or 3 days.  If you have not heard from me within that time frame, please email me at SpitfireVintageTortoiseshell@gmail.com.  I always make it a priority to have the best communication, but sometimes emails don’t go through or can get filtered into spam and I want to make sure that never happens to you.  Thank you.

By clicking SUBMIT you here by agree to all policies, terms, and conditions laid out in the “Disclaimer” section as well as to the $50 non-refundable deposit which is used for supplies upfront for me to begin working on your custom made tortoiseshell pickguard.  Submitting your order merely holds your place in line.  You will not receive an invoice right away or be charged until I am working on your pickguard.  After you have submitted your order, wait time for me to begin working on your guard is usually about two weeks or more.  So get your order in as soon as possible to hold your place in line.  Please feel free to email me if you have any further questions.

Key chains made from the same style and color as your order unless specified.  Order Today!

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Spitfire-New-Beveled-for-Screenprint-8.261 White version