Starfire Nebula Pickguards™ (Coming Soon)

We are currently in the prototype testing stages of combining our unique tortoiseshell making skills and techniques into creating one of the most fascinating pickguards you will ever find in our galaxy.  We hope to achieve a wide array of gas-like Nebula colors forever frozen in time on your guitar.  We are also testing with translucent white pickguard materials for your special back-lit project to illuminate like fiery balls of gas in the night sky.  A lot of this depends on you.  Depending on how much demand we have, the more this can become a reality.  If you are interested in one of our Spitfire Nebula pickguards, please contact us for more information so we can catch you up to light-speed.  

20170202_220320_fxPHOTO_20160520_204333 PHOTO_20160520_204425 PHOTO_20160520_204445

And here is the second prototype I just finished.

20160801_161410_fx 20160801_161513_fx