Thank you to my all my loyal customers.  I thank God most of all for blessing me with this business.  If it weren’t for my Lord Jesus and you guys, I wouldn’t be where I am today.  Thank you for the support and for taking a chance and trusting me.  God has given me a gift and I am glad I can share that with all of you.  I am so glad it has paid off for us all.  Here are a few testimonials.  Please all feel welcome to leave your testimonial at any time as well as pictures and links of your Spitfire guard.  Thank you.



  1. I’ve been in touch with Mark throughout this entire process from the beginning until now. The amount of dedication and detail can be seen in each and every one of his guards. No other tort will compare to this and in most cases not even vintage tort will look half as good as his guards. I don’t think I can say enough good things about these, you surely will not be disappointed at all.

  2. After bugging Mark for dayz with pictures of vintage tort guards that I liked and told him what I disliked, he totally came up with one that blew away every other one that I have ever scene and continues to make ones that defy vintage tortoise shell. Photos do not even do it justice.

  3. I’ve watched online as the whole process came together and saw the quality of tort get better and better. When I ordered the first ‘relic’ style Jazzmaster guard, I was amazed at how great it looked. I have 6 vintage examples of 60s Fender tort material and I think Spitfire Tort take the best qualities from each to make a product that actually looks better, while still retaining the vintage appearance. Mark’s commitment to his product and customer service are also excellent. Spitfire Tort is the best tort out there.

  4. Spitfirevintagetortoiseshell is the best new guitar product of the decade! Best looking Tort ever. I have a Jaguar Pickguard from (probably) the first production batch. This is the real deal. It’s simply awesome. No doubt that it looks much better than any Vintage Celluloid Tort from the 60’s. A Jazzmaster guard is now on my ‘want’ list.
    Also: very smooth international transaction with Mark. Keep it up!

  5. Spitfire makes the best tort pickguards around. There is nothing else that even comes close. My experience was nothing but positive. I asked for super flamey tort. He made me super flamey tort. Mark is a joy to work with, and very helpful. My American Vintage ’65 Jazzmaster looks like a totally new guitar with the spitfire tort installed. LIkes like a brand new guitar from 1965. AMAZING work!

  6. Spitfire vintage tortoise shell pickguards really are gorgeous. Once you have seen one up close (or even at a distance over the internet) thats it, you can’t unsee what you have seen and no other vintage tortoise shell will do from that moment on. I followed the progress of Spitfires vintage tortoise shell developement through the offsetguitars.com forum thread dedicated to finding out who made the best vintage tortoise shell pickguards (Spitfire easily won that) and it was only ever going to be Spitfire vintage tortoise shell for me. Mine is a stunner and so are all the other pickguards from Spitfire that I have seen.

  7. Choosing a new pickguard for my Danocaster Offset was a no brainer. Sure, I had this awesome relic’d white one and all, but after following the threads on OSG I knew what I needed and where it had to come from. Spitfire tort just flowed off of the screen, and the love and care that was put into each pickguard was shown in thread after thread, pic after pic. Once my guard arrived in the mail I was more than impressed. One can only describe the view as flowing lava. Absolutely amazing. I shall be a happy repeat customer, that’s for sure.

  8. I got my guard from Mark a few months ago and I couldn’t be happier with it. There is no place to get a guard this unique or of this quality anywhere that I know of. His vintage style guards are just unbelievable and without having to pay a ridiculous price on Ebay. Mark was great to work with and helped me get the exact guard I wanted. I never really took tortoise shell guards seriously before seeing Mark’s work because I had only ever seen the terrible new guards available today or vintage guards that were far out of my price range. To have a tortoise shell guard that is truly a one of a kind on my guitar feels fantastic and I wouldn’t hesitate to get a guard from Mark again.

  9. Mark has done a great job of coming up with a product that we all wanted, testing and tinkering away untill he perfected it, and then popping a beautiful and reasonably priced product out the other end. He has cornered this market, if you want tort, go spitfire!

  10. I upgraded the stock “tort” pickguard of my white Squier Vintage Modified Jaguar to a custom Spitfire tortoiseshell guard. I wanted something dark and fiery to replace the “rancid deli meat” look of the stock guard. The process from start to finish was straightforward and quick. After conveying the general idea I had in mind for the overall color and contrast, he went to work and created a unique tort guard for my Jaguar. After I received it and compared the Spitfire tort guard side-by-side with the stock Squier guard, it was obvious how much of an improvement I was making. The stock guard looks artificial and lifeless, like a pattern that somebody thought looked kind of “tortesque,” haftone-printed onto plastic, with limited color and almost no depth. The Spitfire guard looks like something that was formed in nature; the look is three-dimensional and has a much bigger range of color and detail. It has smoky swirls obscuring an underlying frothing, menacing molten background, somehow frozen in time and polished to a glass-like finish. It’s not a blatant, dynamic, in-your-face petrol explosion like many Spitfire guards are, but I was looking for something darker and more subtle for this guitar. I may go for one of those more intense, brighter guards when I get a Squier VM Mustang in the not-too-distant future (hopefully Spitfire will have a Mustang pickguard template by then! And a Bass VI one too please!). Anyway, the new guard adds a lot more class to the look of my Jaguar than it had before. And being that the Spitfire template is for the AVRI 62 Jaguar, there was only a minimal amount of easy work on my end (which I had expected) in order to get everything to fit right. I hope to have pics to share soon (I don’t have a decent camera at the moment).

  11. Where to start….??? When Mark started to post on some forums that he was able to replicate vintage tort ? When the wait lasted for more than a year ? Now you guys hitting his website have no wait at all to enjoy his wonderfull work ! Endless possibilities for your guitars are one clic away. The result is just amazing and I am the prouder owner of 4 of his guards !!!! Now, beware it’s more than an addiction, you will end up torting your whole world 🙂
    Cheers Mark for all the passion you put in these guards. Looking forward to the next one (a Gonk one, but only few of us will know what I refer too 😉 )

  12. I had the pleasure of ordering a Jazzmaster and Jaguar guard from Mark and I couldn’t have been more satisfied with the whole process. When my cousin first showed me some of his work we both got really excited about having Spitfire guards on all of our guitars. Mark is really passionate about making the perfect guard of your dreams, and he works diligently until you’ve gotten exactly what you want. He kept great communication throughout every step of our transaction and his work is fast and impeccable. I was more than happy with my guards and I will eventually be coming to him with more orders for my future offset guitars. Spitfire is the best!!

  13. It’s not just vintage style tort, it’s like the best vintage looking tort you could buy. The best part is it’s new and doesn’t cost a fortune. I showed my jazzmaster to my uncle and he immediately wanted a guard for his strat, my aunt liked it so much she said it was okay! lol

  14. Got one from Mark through ebay and I’ve to say that his work is stunning and really accurate with old tort. Got it for my Jazzmaster, this old lady had a new youth after that. Think I’ll keep contact in case friends would want one as well. Thx. Greg.

  15. Mark’s Spirtfire guards are the best looking tortoise shell guards you can find. They are well worth the money, and I can now say that I actually have confidence in how my guitar looks. If you are a fan of that vintage tortoise shell look, place an order now. You won’t be disappointed. You will be given great treatment and great service when doing business with Mark. You can’t beat the passion that Mark puts into these handmade guards.

    Spread the word to your fellow tortoise shell lovers. Many people have been longing for guards like these.


  16. I have been following Mark on the offset guiatr forums for the last 3 years and I was happy to hear he finally started making precision bass pickguards. I did not know what to expect since a) I live in Europe and b) every pickguard I bought (even Fenders) needed filing.

    Needless to say Mark did an extremely good job. The pickguard was a perfect fit, the shipping was fast and well packed. he even sent me a preview of the pickguard before he sent it out. Now I am thinking of buying another precision bass so I can order another pickguard with a different style 🙂 I wish Fender would smarten up and put these pickguards on their basses…

  17. Just submitted an order for my 2nd Spitfire guard. Everything about my first transaction with Mark was pitch perfect – the communication, the customer service, the finished product. Couldn’t be happier. And you know, there’s nothing that could’ve possibly made me more excited to receive the guard than the pride and enjoyment that Mark seems to take in his work – His emails about the process read like a master explaining a craft long-ago mastered, but that he is miraculously still full-on passionate about. That level of dedication shows in a product. I feel like I didn’t just buy a product, but I bought a story – a testament to good, honest, hard-working old-world American craftsmanship.

    If you haven’t picked up by now, I don’t think I could run out of words for the amount of praise that I’d like to give not only this product, but also Mark as a craftsman, artisan, and person. He’s got a beautiful thing going here.

  18. Mark is an exceptional craftsman and artisan. His his pickguards reflect the respect and love he has towards his craft. My Jazz bass pickguard came out absolutely stunning and is in itself a one of a kind masterpiece.

    I feel honored to have one of his pickguards on my favorite bass. I will definitely get more of his pickguards for my other basses.

  19. Exceptional work. My Jazz guard couldn’t be more of a perfect match for my 1960 replica bass and I’m very pleased. It is a fantastic creation and is extremely authentic. Mark’s attention to detail is second to none and his product stands head and shoulders above the competition – it is utterly unique. Mark is a true artist, but is also a great listener and communicator – he puts his heart and soul into his work – and it shows. I can’t recommend him highly enough. Thank you Mark for a very wonderful experience.

  20. Your pickguard totally transformed the look of my shell pink Jazzmaster from somewhat ordinary (well, as ordinary as a pink Jazzmaster could be), to something that turns heads every time people see it. It’s really striking looking, and made a night and day difference. You do beautiful work with these pickguards, and to me it was worth every penny. Thanks!

  21. Just wanted to say it was an absolute pleasure working with Mark. He made every effort to answer all my wants, requests, or concerns during the entire process. He listens, and communicates with complete understanding on every email I sent him. His work is fabulous, and he nailed exactly what I was looking for. My Jaguar pickguard turned out absolutely stunning, and I couldn’t be more happy. If you want the best looking tortoise shell pickguard for your guitar, or bass, look no further. I will be coming back soon for a new guard for my P bass. Thanks for all you do Mark… keep on keepin’ on!

  22. Sorry for the portuguese testemonial, but brazilians MUST know how great and reliable Mark and Spitfire Guards are.

    Comprei um escudo de Jazzmaster AVRI 62 no ano passado e estou MUITO satisfeito.
    Tanto que estou comprando mais um para minha Jaguar AVRI 62.
    O atendimento do Mark é diferenciado. Me mandou fotos assim que o escudo ficou pronto e fez o possível para me dar o melhor preço de frete possível. Podem comprar com certeza de que estão fazendo bom negócio, pois o produto é de uma qualidade indescritível. Nunca vi nada igual na vida.

    I wish Spitfire all the best!
    From your first and forever Brazilian customer, Leonardo.

  23. The only thing better than Spitfire’s customer service is the product itself. Until Spitfire, reproduction tortoise guards were universally unconvincing and unpleasant to behold. Spitfire nailed it. Now every Jazzmaster can look that much more how Leo intended.

  24. The only thing better than Spitfire’s customer service is the product itself. Until Spitfire, reproduction tortoise guards were universally unconvincing and unpleasant to behold. Now any Jazzmaster can look that much closer to how Leo intended.

    1. Thank you so much for the kind words and compliments. We really do strive our best to give you all of our undivided attention and the best of quality product. Thank you for leaving a comment and this is very encouraging to continue doing what we do best. Thank you.

      Mark T.

  25. September last year I picked up a 1965 Fender Electric XII. It was ‘upgraded’ with newer tuners, strat pickups and a glossy black pick guard. I really wanted to bring back this guitar to his former glory. It know it would be very hard to get all the vintage parts. After some searching I found Spitfire guards! Immediately I was blown away by the guards on all the pictures on the website.
    I then contacted Mark if he maybe could make me a guard for my XII. We sent emails back and forth and discussed many options.

    The first XII guard Mark made and he made it for my guitar! I can not tell how honoured I am. Mark and I had long conversations on how this guard should be like. Together we managed to get exactly what I wanted for my XII. The details, the colour, the relicing, everything is spot on! I really enjoyed every step along the way and. When assembled it fooled a lot of my vintage loving friends. They wouldn’t believe it was not a guard from the sixties.
    Now on the look out for another vintage Fender in need of some TLC, just to order another Spitfire Guard!

    Mark, thank you so much!

  26. Looking for an original 60s tort pickguard for a Jag I’d put together
    from 60s parts,I found that the ones for sale all had some shrinkage and,worryingly,
    needed ”adjustment or minor surgery” to fit……and were pretty expensive.

    Some of the aftermarkets looked almost right…the ones I saw had TOO THICK a blackline,
    that is until I found the SPITFIRE website.Great pictures and testimonials,some helpful emails from Mark,
    and the order was in.

    It’s ABSOLUTELY PERFECT….The colour and pattern is spot on,that black line is vintage correct THIN,
    and the relicing has that understated fingerprint of time I’ve seen only on a 65 Jazzmaster before….
    even the holes on a 63 pickguard shield align perfectly.

    Anyone looking for a tortoiseshell pickguard for their Fender,look no further.

  27. My Spitfire guard arrived today and it’s beautiful! I saw the pictures you sent me and I’ve seen lots of pictures of other Spitfire guards, but seeing one in person is something else entirely.

  28. I just received a P-bass guard from Mark, and it exceeds my expectations in every way. It greatly complements the vibe of my bass and finally makes it look “right”. By far the best tortoise reproduction I have ever seen, and the color, fit and attention to detail are amazing. True artistry!

  29. I’d seen countless examples of Mark’s guards and have always been impressed. However, I was always in two minds about ordering. Could a pickguard really be worth paying that amount for? Well, I can tell you that it absolutely is. It’s hard to get across how good these look in person. It’s completed my 60’s Jag perfectly and has added value to what was already a prized possession. The other reason why it’s totally worth taking the plunge is that Mark is a great guy. Completely in sync with my requests and suggestions about what I was looking for and very reassuring about the whole process. You are paying for an artist to create you something unique and he delivers on what he promises. I’m reading this back and it certainly seems completely hyperbolic, but I’m so happy with my Spitfire guard and I can’t thank Mark enough for his efforts.

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